In 2018 and 2019 Global Kidney Foundation has run a very successful pioneering organ donation project co-funded by the NHS Blood and Transplant( NHSBT).

The project - Free Community Health Checks & Organ Donation promotion - was hugely successful: it delivered objectives, and it was a first of this kind project and it showed that health checks work for organ donation. We observed that free health checks increase considerably the number of people wanting to speak to us. This largely increased the number of conversations and organ donor registrations.

We recruited and trained nurses, as well as volunteers, in organ donation. We run free health screenings in 5 various community venues and in total, 101 new people registered to the NHS Organ Donor list to be an organ donor. We had 409 individual conversations and the total the number of people reached by our events/ talks and leaflets exceeded 2,000.

The health screenings have also contributed to kidney disease preventiion as they comprised of blood pressure and blood glucose screenings and advice given by the nurses on what to do following the results.