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The Importance of Keeping Fit

There are many benefits in keeping fit.

“Benefits of exercise – reduces stress, anxiety, and helps fight depression” (from Harvard Men's Health Watch).

Some key points in why one should focus on maintaining good fitness:

  • Eating the right food (eating a balanced diet) and keeping fit (maintaining regular exercise) are both very different, however each play a huge part regarding a person’s health; mentally and physically.
  • Eating the right food and keeping fit means that your body will be able to withstand many illnesses and viruses. Eating well and exercising often when you're a teenager will also help you stay in good health later in life. Sleeping regularly and on time is crucial for staying fit and healthy.
  • Maintaining a good level of physical fitness gives betters health through increased energy and vitality, making you feel better about yourself and about your life.
  • Keeping fit can help improve your quality of life and help maintain a good standard of health, preventing or delaying heart or kidney related diseases.

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GKF was founded by those who have gone through the traumatic experience of renal diseases and are aware of the effects it can have on not only the patients but also on their loved ones.

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