Thank you to the doctors of the GP practice GP Direct in Harrow for your support of our organ donation awareness creation event and especially to Dr Rabia Yaqoob GP, for your warm welcome and educational speech on kidney health and prevention.

Global Kidney Foundation today’s organ donation awareness creation event in GP surgery GP Direct in Harrow. This event is one of our six events planned as part of organ donation education project we run for NHS Blood and Transplant, the NHS body that oversees all transplants in England.

Thank you to the GP Partners, including Dr Rabia Yaqoob GP, the surgery team, our volunteers, trustees and celebrity guests: Beata Korabiowska, poet, artist & photographer, Shahla Fallah, fashion designer and Minouche, actress and singer, and patients, for making this informative event possible.

We are delighted that most attendees support organ donation with a good number re-confirming their decision to be organ donor by re-signing up to the NHS organ donor list.

Organ donation saves lives. The most common new information to the people we spoke to today was that one organ donor can save up to 9 lives. That was a real eye opener to some people on the importance of organ donation