International Knowledge Exchange

Global Kidney Foundation has sponsored and paid for the Head Nurse of the Dialysis Unit at Queens Hospital Romford together with a Team leader Nurse to attend and present at the American Society of Nephrology Conference and to learn to bring the best practice back to the UK.

Franel Ave, the Head of the Dialysis Unit said: ''We went to Washington DC at American Society of Nephrology (ASN) to show our Poster Presentation, " Shared Care in Haemodialysis - A Path to Independence ." Shared care in haemodialysis is a good way of involving patients and their relatives in dialysis care which provides a feeling of achievement and independence to patients. It provides dialysis space for patients who cannot perform home dialysis due to housing-related issues. Achieving complete self-care is a daunting task for both the patients as well as responsible health care provider as it was slow progress to do more complicated tasks like the needling of fistula.

What we've learnt in ASN conference is the shared knowledge through innovation of the latest technologies in our line of expertise. What amazed me is the people around the world sharing their views, knowledge and experience in dialysis and transplantation in a huge conference hall. A what we brought with us is the free acquired knowledge to do more audit, poster presentation and innovation to deliver a high standard of care towards our patient. Currently, we are doing the Bio Composition Monitor audit to help patients with their fluid management to avoid hospital admission to lower the chances of mortality rate in the haemodialysis population

The said audit was submitted to ASN and if we are lucky to be chosen again, we will present this to San Deigo, California USA this coming November 2021.''