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What To Do?

The information one will need to stay informed is very important. Earlier diagnosis could save lives. If you have family history of kidney disease or feel to be at risk, its best to:

  • Get tested for kidney disease. There are two main simple tests for kidney disease:
  • A simple urine test checks to see if you have protein in your urine. Your body needs protein. But it should be in the blood, not the urine. Having a small amount of protein in your urine may mean that your kidneys are not filtering your blood well enough. This can be an early sign of kidney disease.
  • A simple blood test for GFR, which stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate. Your GFR number tells you how well your kidneys are working. The lab estimates your GFR using a simple blood test called creatinine (a waste product), along with your age, race, and gender.
  • Get tested for diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. If you do not know whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, it is essential for you to find out.
  • Imaging tests. Your doctor may use ultrasound to assess your kidneys' structure and size. Other imaging tests may be used in some cases.
  • Removing a sample of kidney tissue for testing. Your doctor may recommend a kidney biopsy to remove a sample of kidney tissue. Kidney biopsy is often done with local anaesthesia using a long, thin needle that is inserted through your skin and into your kidney. The biopsy sample is sent to a lab for testing to help determine what is causing your kidney problem.

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GKF was founded by those who have gone through the traumatic experience of renal diseases and are aware of the effects it can have on not only the patients but also on their loved ones.

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